Any size from 4 mm to 12 mm

Galvanized wire can be welded using several processes of Meshweld welding technology.

The width between 1000 mm and 2500 mm and the length can be adjusted between 2500 mm and 6000 mm.

Each line wire spacing can be adjusted as 75-100-150-200-250 mm

The distance between the cross wires can be adjusted from the control panel in 1 mm increments, starting from 50 mm. Intervals can be managed according to different measures. If desired, it can be left blank.

The turning unit is a fully automatic machine that automatically stacks the wire mesh in a straight and reverse way. As the package height decreases with the stacking done in this way, transportation costs decrease.

The line wires fed to the machine by hand are driven only 50 – 75 cm by the operator. The machine automatically carries the line wires to the welding point. Unless the semi-automatic pre-feeding unit is used, the operator will have to put the wires to the welding point by driven for 5 – 6 meters, and it will decrease the production efficiency of the machine over time.

You need to have straightening-cutting machine to adjust the diameters and lengths of line or cross wires. Further, compressor and chiller units are essential parts for the machine to operate.

The machine with automatic turning and stacking unit is 31 meters, if not preferred, it decreases to 17 meters.

A single production line requires 1000-1500 square meters of space, including stocking areas

Siemens, Sew Eurodrive, SMC, Phoenix Contact are the global brands we work together to product our machines.


Wire mesh welding machine


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Mesh welding machine
We are renewing old wire mesh welding machines for improved performance and efficiency.
We renew old wire mesh welding machines to get higher performance and efficiency.
So that, you can weld various mesh models of different sizes with different wire diameters high quality and high efficiency.
Further, producing automatic turning and stacking unit installed downstream of mesh throwing unit, we provide you to stack your welded wires fast and in a easy way.