Mesh Welding Machine

Production speed105 Cycle/min.
Max. mesh width2500mm
Max. mesh lenght6000mm
Wire diameter4 – 6 – 8 – 10 – 12
Line wire spacings75/100/150/200/250
Cross wire spacings50 mm (Min.)
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Production speed105 Cycle/min.
Daily production (piece)1070
Daily production (tons)27
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Electricity consumption(1)
Air consumption240m³/h
Cooling Water Flow25 °C - 120Lt/min.
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Wire Mesh Welding Machine

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    Mesh welding machine

    Welded wire fabric and steel mesh is an electric fusion welded prefabricated joined grid consisting of a series of parallel longitudinal wires with accurate spacing welded to cross wires at the required spacing.

    Wire mesh is a metal wire screen composed of low carbon steel wire or stainless steel wire. Available in various sizes and shapes. It is widely used in agriculture, industry, transportation, horticulture and food supply sectors, and is used in mines, horticulture, machinery protection and other decorations.

    Steel mesh is the term given to the type of barrier fence produced from steel wire in the form of a square, rectangular or rhombus mesh, and welded at each intersection.

    mesh welding machine

    MESHWELD and welding machines offer innovative solutions to their customers in the wire mesh industry.

    Welded mesh machine welds all cross-sections from 4mm to 12mm.
    The cross wire spacing of wire mesh is offered with different options, with a minimum of 50mm.

    When the distance between cross wires is 50 mm, it is possible to weld 135 cross wires per minute. The diameters of the wires can be 4-5-6-6.5 mm.

    It can be selected from the Pre-Feeding Units depending on the speed of the mesh welding machine and the characteristics of the mesh model to be produced.

    Mesh welding machines have the capacity to weld 105 cross wires per minute.

    Wire mesh welding machine Switzerland


    Steel Mesh Models

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